Hayley Hughes

Design Lead Design Language System Airbnb

Hayley Hughes is an Experience Design Lead for the Design Language System at Airbnb. She formerly pioneered the Design Language at IBM, where she led a team which served over 2,000 designers and product teams. Her philosophy is grounded in an idea she describes as system stewardship, the integrative practice of building systems from a deep understanding of human behavior, community, and culture. She has shared her scaffolded model for a « Design System of Human Needs » around the world in 12 different countries and participated in webinars with Adobe, Invision, and Monotype.

Hayley’s work has been featured in Women Who Design, Under Consideration, and « 26 Innovations by 26 Women. » She is a certified IBM Enterprise Design Thinking Leader. Outside of design systems, Hayley works on Design Operations and helps organizations transform their cultures from solely feature + product focused to people + context focused by scaling inclusive practices.

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