Programme Billetterie

Olivier Chanoux

Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder Lumapps

I have been all my life following some moonshots and my dreams. I’ve always worked in companies that permitted me to be entrepreneurial and where I was able to wake up every morning with a tremendous desire to change the world.

I put all my energy and passion in LumApps that give me the ability rethinking the intranet/extranet & social Digital Workplace on a worldwide scale.

Before LumApps, my first experience in creating a new startup was gPartner (now Devoteam G Cloud). I was very lucky to work in partnership with the « mecca of geeks and business transformation »: Google. It was in 2009, really early times for the Digitalization of Business where only Google, Amazon & SalesForces where believing in a new business model for IT, the SaaS model. Such an inspiring time! I’ve had help some world-class Business to rethink their IT environment. Creating a global network of partners around the world. Rethinking the old ages of IT that all companies knew since the year 2000. After only 5 years we had helped more than 1 000 companies, for more than a million end users to think a different way.

So now, why LumApps? Designed to enrich the Cloud experience, LumApps is a holistic intranet platform that houses all corporate content and enterprise tools in one place. LumApps concentrates everything you need to work: it streamlines communication by opening social channels, applies search function to company materials, and serves targeted information to each user on a central dashboard.