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2020 – what about mobility ?

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For the 9th anniversary of BlendWebMix, we are on the move!

And it’s not just us. Mobility services, human, technological, institutional mobility: the world moves at a speed that is more often than not difficult to follow, whether you are a professional, a consumer or an institution. This is why, this year, we are going to talk, among other things, about mobility.

At times when great disturbances have shaken the working world, when we were forced to stand still, this theme seemed even more important to us.

Nevertheless, the Blend remains a hub for ideas, a trends instigator. It will offer themes and conferences on digital trends and tools, whether they are related to mobility or whether they are, in our opinion , useful to today’s professionals. After all, that’s what we do best: mix and compare points of view, give a 360-degree view of professions, situations and values ​​to inspire!

Just to remind you, we will look at the theme from 4 different angles : Design, Tech, Marketing and Inspiration. Mobility will be a running theme through the conferences and the Village.

Web & Mobility, MaaS, globalisation, agility; more to come on the topics covered during this 2020 edition of BlendWebMix!

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