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Why do I print my ticket ?

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“Bloody anti-environmentalists who ask you to print your ticket! For a digital event, this is outrageous.” BUT we have our reasons to ask you to print your ticket! Let us explain:

  1. It facilitates the check-in on the day
    Because there will be a least 500 attendees who will rush to the reception at the same time each morning, check-in will be challenging. Instead of having to search our database to find your ticket, or you having to charge your iPhone in a panic to dig your archived emails with your registration (fingers crossed there is no issue with the WiFi at that moment…), or any other nightmarish check-in process you can imagine, we suggest you simply present your paper to the volunteers who will scan it for you in a second. Then you can enjoy breakfast!
  2. It makes you noticeable
    With 2,000 participants, even with the Swapcard, it’s difficult to know the name of your interlocutor. And it’s also nice to have the opportunity to be noticed, right? You can find at a glance the professional profiles that interest you. And, let’s be honest, it’s so helpful when you still can’t remember the name of the person you’ve met at each Meetup, isn’t it?
  3. It’s recycled, don’t worry!
    The neck straps are recycled each year, and the plastic pockets reused. No waste! (But for that, you have to drop them off when you leave, it’s not magic.)
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