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How to network, do business and manage your schedule during BlendWebMix

2000 participants: At the Blend, there will be lots of people, and especially important people. But in 2 days, it will be impossible to approach everyone, business cards ready, hoping to meet exactly the people with whom you’d like to connect to collaborate.

Luckily, there is Swapcard. Yes, seriously! Each year, we provide registrants with this ideal app to prepare and get the most out of the Blend. Why?

Swapcard allows you to optimise your business meetings during BlendWebMix

It allows you to view ALL the participants in the event and get in touch with them, either by message or by proposing an appointment on site. You will automatically receive an invitation to use the app when you buy your ticket for the Blend! Just validate your registration and start playing! Do you know LinkedIn? It is the same, only better.

Reaching out beforehand allows you to calmly connect to new business contacts, optimise your meetings and catch the attention of the right people.

How to use Swapcard to connect during BlendWebMix:

Additional benefit: as you probably already know, the second day of the Blend, Wednesday 13, will extended into a networking evening. For the occasion, more than a hundred guests from the CPME Auvergne Rhône Alpes will join the participants; enough to create excitement, boost exchanges and give you more opportunities to meet regional decision-makers over a drink!

BUT THAT’S NOT IT: organise your schedule before and during the event

With Swapcard, you can consult the program of conferences and workshops, customise your schedule and receive reminders when an event that interests you is about to start.
Convenient to manage your time on site, isn’t it?
And it avoids the bother of constantly looking for your paper program…

How to manage your schedule during BlendWebMix:

But at the end, we don’t force you to do business during BlendWebMix. You can just enjoy the workshops in the Village and chillax in the coworking space …

But it would be better to avoid missing your potential customers / prospects attending the event or missing that awesome conference everyone will be talking about during the after party.